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Ongoing research on guaranteed manufacturing forms, at all levels, is what actually sets such a company as Divany apart from others in relation to production. It is not clear which factor is the main determinant in relation to product’s quality: maybe our craft-based history; maybe the skills of the craftspeople; maybe an obligation our market requires us to fulfill; maybe a clear-cut philosophy; maybe all of the above-mentioned factors. Although we are not sure, the result is that we finish our models according to craft-based techniques, while taking advantages of the opportunities offered by industry. Moreover, before the products are packaged and shipped, all of them are thoroughly checked as we believe accuracy is not considered to be responsible for increased expense. Each piece is supplied with an instruction, which gives all the relevant information and tips of the product you brought. We also provide a guarantee for each product, stating that Divany is the manufacturer of the product, and takes all of the corresponding responsibilities and obligations for it.

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