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Research means something special to Divany, that is, becoming aware of visual stimuli from the world and turning them into images, technology and products. It means the designer of Divany needs to have a look around, carefully watch the surrounding world, perceive inspirations during traveling, and investigate fashion and design with a curious look.

To carry out research, we at Divani rely on a first rated design team with remarkably diversified skills. By using the most advanced software, the team specializes in designing, engineering production, decorating display areas, devising new models and turning them into actual products. In our design center, an idea means the starting point for a process to be developed in-house. So far, we have turned numerous excellent ideas into actual products. At present, in order to increase sales, we are implementing a new display strategy, in which we try to combine different styles of room settings in one showroom, thus give customers a comprehensive view of our products. This strategy gives customers a more direct way to know products�features and practical uses.

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